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Ozone Generator
Save up to 80% on Chemical costs, Ozomatic takes oxygen from the air and converts it to ozone. Ozone is an extreemely powerful oxidiser and helps remove bacteria, body oils, urine, deoderants and soap. Ozone will remove contaminents and chemical by-products which cause poor water quality and unpleasent odours. Importantly, ozomatic can save you on chemical costs

Nature 2
Nature2 is a water sanitizing system which uses trace elements to kill bacteria and algae in your spa. Using Nature2 allows you to use significantly less harsh chemicals like chlorine or Bromine. The Nature2 stick is simply installed into the centre of the filter cartridge. Replace every 3- 4 months

Spa Vacuum
Quick, Simple and easy to use
West Coast Spa Vacuum is designed to collect and remove many undesirable elements from your spa pool. Grit, sand, leaves and other common pool pests which may be out of reach of your filtration system can be easily cleaned away with a West Coast Spa Vacuum. All you need is a garden hose
To operate you simply attach the unit to a normal garden hose. The unit comes with a standard fitting.
There are no moving parts so there is nothing that can go wrong. There is no rust or corrosion as the unit is manufactured from PVC plastic.


Aqua-Health Spa & Pool Chlorine
This is one of the preferred chlorine additives for the Nature2 system, The chlorine level should always be between 2-4 mg/L so it will be necessary to add Chlorine on a regular basis, be aware that it is very powerful and only a very small amount will be needed, see back of label for instructions.
Before using a spa that is using the Nature2 system you should test the spa water to ensure that it contains a chlorine residual of between 2-4mg/L (2-4ppm).

Chlorine is unstable in hot water, so you will notice that your chlorine reading will be OK one day and very low the next, this is why the Nature2 system was originally invented; so that chlorine would not be needed (other than to break the seel on the Nature2 stick). Spa Bromine is another chemical that was invented to last longer in heated spa pools. Up untill recently chlorine was not used in Nature2 spa pools (except at start up), but recent changes by government departments state that chlorine has to be used with the nature2 system.

Lithium Hypochlorite
Lithium Hypochlorite is another form of chlorine used for spas, this can be used instead of Aqua-Health Spa & Pool Chlorine. Before using a spa that is using the Nature2 system you should test the spa water to ensure that it contains a chlorine residual of between 2-4mg/L (2-4ppm)

Shock Right, Spa Shock and Oxy-Brite
Shockright is a powerful non-chlorine oxidiser. Shockright is fast acting and permits bathers to enter the water after approximately 10 minutes. It can also lower the PH of a spa. Shockright can be used with Bromine and Nature2. Approximately 1 table spoon of Shockright should be used every time bathers enter the spa. Once per week add half a capful to your spa (Shock treatment)

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