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What is the difference between an in ground spa and an above ground spa?

An inground spa sits lower, either in the ground completely or about 300 to 500mm abover the ground.
With a portable spa it sits completely above the ground, all the pumps, heaters, blowers and control systems sit in the cabinet of the spa.

About 90% of people buy above ground portable spas, the benefits are; they are easier to move, you have a better outlook of your garden when sitting in the spa, they contain the pumps in the cabinet, so another place is not needed to house the pumps etc. and one of the best things about a portable spa is you can take it with you when you move house.

Portable spas are also easier to work on as if you have a problem it is easy to inspect, where as an inground spa may require digging holes and removing bricks etc just ti inspect it.

How much maintenance is involved?

There is very little maintenance with a spa pool or a hot tub as they have a cover on them 24 hrs a day, so there is little need to vacuum and clean the spa. The min type of maintenance is checking pH and Alkalynity levels weekly, sanitiser levels twice weekly and clean your filter once per fortnight.

Empty your spa every 3 to 4 months and oil your cabinet about once or twice per year

What about plumbing?

Above ground Spas have all the plumbing contained in the cabinet, no plumbing is required simply fill with your garden hose. Inground spas usually require gas plumbing. Inground spas also require plumbing the spa to the pumps, blowers and heaters.

Do I need regular servicing of my Spa?

Every 3 to 4 months it is best to empty your spa, clean the acrylic, oil the cabinet, clean and put protectant on the hard cover, spray for bugs, clean the jets and filter, check cables and power connections and check for ware and tare. This is to ensure everything is working perfectly. Regular servicing can be arranged. For more information have a look at our service page.

Can Joondalup Spas assist with landscaping?

Yes we can give you information and help with your plans.

How much does it cost to run a spa?

Portable Spas are surprisingly energy efficient. Most of our models run off a two or three horsepower motor and use hardly any power at all. The average cost of heating and running a spa is about a $1.50 per day and less for gas heated systems

What sort of surface does the spa have to sit on?

Concrete pad is the best option, brick paving is acceptable as long as it is a professional job and yellow sand was compacted before the pavers were put down.

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