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1 June 2012
Fun spas in Cannington have closed their doors, they were a seller of Chinese spas and now their poor unfortunate customers have no where to get their chinese spare parts from, they should of brought Australian. Fun spas were only in business for approx 24 months. This is why it is a good idea to buy from a company that has been around for many years

23rd April 2011
We now have inflatable spas, so if you want to get in to a spa at a fraction of the cost,give us a call

3rd February 2011
Come and check out our wave pumps, the pumps are available with our east coast spas, the pump actually gets stronger and stronger and comes in waves automatically, it is very awesome.

12 January 2011
Congratualtions Rob and Angela Wood, "it's a boy" Jake Oliver Wood, born on this day.
Mum and bub are doing fine and Jake is looking forward to coming home and jumping in his West Coast Spa.

1st October 2010
Well another West Australian spa company has decided to get their spas made in China, this will take about 10 Australian jobs with it, Well done guys, and since you already have the worse reputation for customer service, it seems it is about to get a lot worse. This companies last manufacturer Maax spas went into administration this year, and while offers were made by West Australian and Australian manufacturers, to manufacture their spas, the decision was made to go to China. This is no good for our jobs, economy or the environment, shipping spas from over seas is not environmentally friendly

Buying Australian keeps jobs and your money in Australia. It seems some companies are more interested in profits than ethics and customer service.

22 September 2010
Check out our facebook or twitter pages. Become a fan or a follower and give us a tweet

20 August 2010
Billabong spas has closed their doors, the current financial situation has not helped many of the spa manufacturers in Australia. Billabong spas were a Joondalup based manufacturer. They gave it a good shot and must of been around for about 4 years. They mostly imported shells and parts from China and assembled them in here in Perth, this actually means the spas were mostly made in China. When they originally started, they used local spas and parts. If any Billabong customers need any repairs unfortunately we can only repair or supply parts for their Australian manufactured spas.

1 July 2010
Another Eastern States spa manufacturer goes into administration. Maax Spas was a good manufacturer, they were quite a high price but this was justified by their 20 year warranty. Unfortunately anyone with a Maax spa has no warranty, so the 20 year warranty was never really true. A spa manufacturer should not give such unrealistic warranties, especially if that spa brand has not even been in business even half as long as the warranty that they are offering. Our spas come with a 10 year structural warranty and our manufacturing department has been making them for longer than this.

December 2010
Seasons greetings to all our valued customers, we will be open over the Christmas break. If you need anything, give us an email, a phone call or drop in to the shop

October 2009
An interesting article on a TV current affairs program this year sees, unhappy customers with placards outside one of the King family's home. It seems that Iceland spas, (importer of Chinese spas) upset so many customers that the Fair trading had to get involved and actually shut the shop down, mostly due to too many complaints and the spas not being up to Australian standards. The King family has been involved with a number of other failed spa businesses over the years, including "Magic Spas" which as one of their customers told me, was a case of give me your money and watch me disappear. We really do feel for their customers as they have been told not to use their spas as they are dangerous and a court case is underway. Unfortunately, we do not service or repair imported spas, so their is nothing we can do to help.

September 2009
We have just started stocking the Sun Deluxe spa shower. Heats up from the sun, free energy, simply plug in to your garden house and the sun cell heats the water. It also doubles as a warm dog wash.

August 19 2009
Well it looks like another Eastern States manufacturer is in trouble and gone in to voluntary administration (Lenark spas) . The team at West Coast Spas have professional business training and use modern methodologies, this ensures the future of our company and service to our valued customers, our customers will be looked after for years to come. Another reason to buy WA first..

July 30 2009
West Coast Spas have just received our new model saunas, with saunas from a low $1990 you can't go wrong. Spa and sauna packages from $6990

June 30 2009
Well it has been an interesting year the 2008-2009 financial year was a big clean up for the spa industry. Perth had 11 spa shops close their doors, some were just trying to cut costs, others were closing doors due to poor business management. One of the main problems was businesses that molded their business model on a booming economy. West Coast spas are here for good, we don't need a booming economy to make a profitable business. We believe if you look after the customer, your business will look after it's self. It seems that the companies that are more interested in Greed and Profits are the ones that hurt the most.

West Coast Spas service all brands of Australian spas, so if your spa supplier is no longer around, we are here for all servicing and parts. Please note: we do not service any imported spas.

May 2009
It looks like Joondalup has become the hub of spas and hot tubs. Every year we see new spa shops open and close in the area, but this year it seems that a few more than normal have come in to the area. Other previous hub areas were Osborne park and Cannington, but these areas are now like ghost towns with many shops closing their doors.

December 2008
Merry Christmas to all of our valued customers, we will be open during the break for all sales and service.

1 st November 2008
End of Spring sale now on, hurry in for a bargain, check out our 2009 range of spas now on display. Full range on display

October 2008
Another eastern states spa manufacturer goes in to liquidation. (Monarch spas) Good luck to all their clients who need warranty, come and see us if you need any parts and repairs. West Coast Spas are here for the long term, we see many clients from other manufacturers or retailers who are no longer around, we service all brands of Australian manufactured spas. Sorry we do not service imported spa pools.

September 2008
Come and check out our new range of spa pools and saunas. All old model floor stock reduced to make way for more new models, hurry only a few left.

December 2007
Merry Christmas, we will be open through out the break for all your spa needs.

July 1 2007
Well we see another successful year and look forward to many more, to celebrate our success, all spa sales this month come with a free gift to the value of $500.

February 2007
Check out our new gazebo cedar blinds, available as a retro fit on all our pine and cedar gazebos.

December 2006
Merry Christmas, we will be open through out the break for all your spa needs

July 2006
Come in and check out our range of saunas, prices and styles to suit every budget, new range in store now.

December 2005
Merry Christmas, we will be open for the Christmas break, only closed on Christmas day and Boxing day.

September 2005
Introducing a new range of spa quip control systems, come and check out the latest technology.

March 2005
Introducing two new spa to the range, check out our new 6 seater and new 7 seater spas

December 24 2004
Merry Christmas to all our past, present and future customers. While many spa companies and spa manufacturers close their door through the break, we will be open, we find that it is important to be there for your customers.

December 2004
Summer sale now on, spas from a low $4990
Check out our new spa gazebo.

October 2004
We are introducing the "spa news page". keep an eye on this page for the latest news in the spa industry.

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