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Spa Service and Repairs

We service and repair Pumps, Heaters, Controller's, Filters, Blowers touch pads and spa cabinets. We also do Conversions from electric to gas.

For 15 point spa service, call 9301 4922 (Metro Area)

Complete Spa Service and 15 point service check/plan
15 point service plan $150 AUD *
1. Check all water jets for efficiency and clean
2. Check filter and clean
3. Inspect pump, test and clean
4. Inspect blower, test and clean
5. Inspect ozone, test and clean
6. Inspect heater, test and clean
7. Check hoses
8. Check venturi(s) are operating correctly
9. Check all electrical connections
10. Test electronic controls
11. Inspect cabinet, clean and apply a coat of Feast & Watsons
12. Inspect and clean hardtop cover
13. Inspect and clean headrests
14. Clean acrylic
15. Refill spa and set up ready to use

Benefits of a Service

Extend the life of pumps and equipment and ensure consistent water quality

Protect your investment with regular oiling of your cedar cabinet and cleaning of the spa shell and components. This will ensure the value of your spa will remain as high as possible

Save time and effort by having a technician empty, clean, service and fill your spa for you

Nature2 Sticks should be replaced every 3 to 4 months

* Please note: A spa that has not been serviced on a regular basis, will take more time and product, this will incure an extra charge, for example, a spa that has not been serviced in over a year will cost $190 for the service

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